Photography by Amelia Tiihonen

Our goal is to bring knowledge of climate change and the effects of it to youths all around the arctic area. We hope our competition will inspire a new generation of environmentally friendly leaders and influencers.

Our Mission

We, the steadfast bunch of the student body of the Rovaniemi area, first met in November of 2018. In our first meeting we made a decision to host a competition for youths around the arctic area, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland and also the indigenous people of the arctic area.

Why did we decide to do this?

We want young people to pay more attention to the climate change as we are the future of this planet. We must change something before our planet is entirely destroyed and so that our children and their children will have snowy winters among other fleeting things, like we have had through our short lives so far.

We want youths to be part of the fight against climate change. Young people often have innovative ideas opposed to the old and rigged leaders of our respective countries. Not saying they aren’t wise and smart but saying, that youth isn’t confined living the same lifestyle and ideology for years and years as the older generation have been. We are more inclined to change our ways, and we should. We want to be part of the deciding process and make a difference.

And we want youths to understand the importance of the climate and overall nature around us. As we live in the digital age of social media we often forget how important it is to connect with the nature. We hope by making youths think about the effect of climate change is having on our planet’s forests and seas and all that’s in between that, youths will have a deeper appreciation for nature. It has been here way longer we humans have yet we have destroyed already so much of it. Nature is beautiful and precious so we must start protecting it with deep passion.


Hard-working youth

We are very dedicated to saving the world just like all of our contestants. We have built community of like-minded youth that all strive to achieve the same thing, preventing climate change.

How are we going to achieve this?

We are hosting a competition to the youth around the Arctic area.

See here how the competition will pan out.


We make blog posts!

see what we have been up to lately in our meetings and see how the competition is going.