Photography by Seela Pellinen

Ideas, ideas, ideas!

For whom?

Young people between the age of 13-19 in the arctic area: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Canada, Alaska of the US and Greenland of Denmark.


The name of the game is to come up with ideas that promote ecologically sustainable development.

What’s the prize?

Funding to make the actual project happen or a prize to the winner school for general use. The money will not go to the individuals. It will have to be spent accordingly and in a responsible manner.

The contestants have completely free hands to decide how they want to make an impact. So their project can be anything from a song, to an event, to a movie, to well basically anything that the imaginative youth comes up with, as long as it meets all the criteria for submission.

The project must:

  • promote ecologically sustainable development

    • so anything from no waste life, sustainable fashion, veganism, ect.

  • be doable/viable/achievable

  • bring awareness of global warming to youths in special.


For the first part of the competition the contestants will form teams of 2-5 people and they must come up with an idea of a project that will meet all the criteria. Then in the spring of 2019 the contestants will submit the thought out idea to their contact school in their area.

The idea will have to be presented in a fashion that will catch the eyes of the judge panel and will be short and compact. It can be a video, a document or both if that is the easiest way to explain the idea.

The judge panel will decide which one idea will be chosen to be in the final from each country. This means in the final there will be 8 teams and 8 amazing and unique ideas to save the world from climate change!

All of the projects will be evaluated on these terms:

  • Effectiveness, how big of an impact the project will have on the state of the environment and how big of an impact the project will have on the community and their actions and thoughts.

  • Viability, how easy was it to make the project in your area with your resources and around the world in the future.

  • Carbon footprint, how big of a carbon footprint will the making of the project cause and the maintenance of your project.

  • Originality, how innovative your project is.

 The finalist will be informed that they have made it to the final before the summer vacation starts, so they will have the whole fall to make the project practically presentable. Like a scale model, document or anything that will demonstrate the idea in a practicable way.

The finale will be held at Rovaniemi. It will be three days long, culminating in the third day in a public convention where the contestants show their demonstrations of the project.

The finale is held at the same time as the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference and in collaboration with them.

First day will be full of fun activities so all of us, the ICCAY-team and the finalists will get to know each other. We will explore the city of Rovaniemi by visiting the must see places, like Santa Claus Village and many others.

Second day will be the evaluating day where the experts of the field will come and discuss the ideas and projects with the ICCAY-team and finalists. We want everyone to share their ideas and be up to date on what everyone is bringing to the table.

Third day will be the most exiting of them all. We will host a public conference where the winner will be announced. The project will be presented and pros and cons by the experts and ICCAY-team will be expressed to the audience. Then the contestants, ICCAY-team, experts and the public will vote together the winner.