Waste free living!

Recycling is a hot topic these days, but as lovely as it sounds, it isn’t the answer to everything.

Even if we recycle all our plastic, glass, paper, metal and bio there will still be a lot of waste. The recycling is a business. All the trash is collected to huge cubes that are left to get bought. Most of the time the trash will end up somewhere to be recycled, but a lot of it is left to landfills. And we haven’t even started talking about the trash that isn’t recycled!

What’s the solution? What can we do to protect the mother earth from suffocating from plastic?

It’s easy, (kinda)! Start living waste free!! If we don’t use plastic there wont be trash from plastic.

Okay, okay.. I know that sound a little bit intimidating, but actually it isn’t. Of course there are those people who can fit 2 years of their trash into a mason jar, who compost and live of of solar panels. That’s an amazing goal to strive for but for most it isn’t achievable in their current living situation.

Every little thing helps. Everything from not getting the plastic straws form Starbucks, getting the celery that isn’t individually wrapper in plastic or not ordering so much on online. There are so many things to improve on and that’s the beauty of it all, no one is perfect and we all have room to learn and grow!

That’s why I made a list of five things that will help to live more waste free in our every day life.

metal straws

We’ve all seen those really devesating videos of sea turtles that have straws up their nose, right? And we all thought that ‘that’s terrible!’ but how many of us actually changed our ways because of that?

And now when plastic straws aren’t made anymore, it’s wise to invest in some metal straws!

And it’s understandable if you have any disabilities that you get an alternative that suits you.

bamboo tooth brush

Most tooth brushes are made completely out of plastic, and our dentist tell us to change the brush every month. So you see the problem?

All of this waste is created by toothbrushes alone! Why not change them to tooth brushes made of bamboo. They’re compostable.

Reusable produce bags

Most produce is individually wrapped in plastic or you have to get a plastic bag to carry the produce in. All these little plastic bags that most likely will not get reused.

In solution to this you can get these reusable bags that you just have to remember to take to the store with you. You could get a big tote bag to store everything in and use it as a grocery bag!

Reusable water bottle

This is a no brainer. Everyone has to have a water bottle! It’s going to be better for the environment and cheaper for you in the long run when you don’t have to buy water all the time.

Meal prep

If you eat out a lot, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of food is left over. Maybe on your plate or the table next to you. Or you buy ready-made meals from the store. Ether way there’s a lot of food waste and plastic trash.

If you start meal prepping even one meal its going to save you money, save the restaurant from wasting food and the environment from plastic waste.

Just save an hour or two maybe on Sundays to prep your meals and put them into reusable containers and you’re good to go!

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Thank you for spending time reading this, and i hope you can integrate even one thing from this list into your life!

Amelia Tiihonen

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